General Nutrition

Did you know?

Research of older * Australians indicates that:

  • Up to half do not get all the nutrition they need1.
  • 40% have an inadequate intake of protein2.
  • Up to 90% have insufficient levels of Vitamin D3.
  • Calcium absorption decreases with age4.

Why do I need to get the right nutrition?

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is important at every stage of life, however there are special nutritional needs to think about as we get older. Our body loses muscle as it ages, bones can lose strength and our ability to absorb food can change, so requirements for nutrients such as protein, calcium and vitamin D actually increase. A good appetite and a varied diet often means that our nutritional needs are met. However there are times when we don’t eat enough or what we do eat lacks sufficient nutrients, and this can put our health at risk and lead to malnutrition.

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