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Boost your breakfast protein

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Boost your breakfast protein

Energy low? Don’t overlook the importance of protein

If you are lacking your usual energy and just look to additional vitamins and minerals it’s time to re-think!

That’s because protein fuels our cells and powers our bodies. You may also need to consider consuming more protein to ensure your body’s getting the amount of protein it needs.

Energy low? Don’t overlook the importance of proteinEnergy low? Don’t overlook the importance of protein

A quick and easy nutrition supplement boost

Sustagen® Hospital Formula

Sustagen® Hospital Formula

Vanilla Flavour

Simply mix with water for a boost of key vitamins, minerals, plus the added benefits of protein in a delicious nutritionally complete drink.

Try SUSTAGEN Hospital Formula Vanilla Flavour to support your active lifestyle.

• 10 key immune support nutrients - from Vitamin A to Zinc.
• 50%* of your Vitamin C needs.
• Source of six essential B vitamins# to help reduce tiredness and fatigue.

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  • High in Protein to support muscle health
  • Zinc, Vitamin C & B12 for immune health
  • Calcium & Vitamin D for healthy bones
  • Magnesium & Iron to support energy function