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Boost your breakfast protein

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Boost your breakfast protein

10 key immune support nutrients - from Vitamin A to Zinc!

Topping up your diet with one extra nutrient alone is not enough to protect you from becoming unwell.

The 10 key nutrients linked to supporting immune health are vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, folate and minerals copper, selenium, iron, and zinc.

These can be sourced from food. However, increased activity levels or a busy lifestyle can, without you realising it, mean you’re not meeting your nutritional needs.

10 key immune support nutrients - from Vitamin A to Zinc10 key immune support nutrients - from Vitamin A to Zinc

A quick and easy immune support

Sustagen® Hospital Formula

Sustagen® Hospital Formula

Vanilla Flavour

50%* of your daily Vitamin C needs, plus Zinc and Vitamin B12 in one nutritionally complete drink.

Quick and easy to prepare – mix with water for a boost of essential vitamins, minerals, and the added benefits of protein for muscle health.

Try SUSTAGEN Hospital Formula Vanilla Flavour to support your active lifestyle.

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  • High in Protein to support muscle health
  • Zinc, Vitamin C & B12 for immune health
  • Calcium & Vitamin D for healthy bones
  • Magnesium & Iron to support energy function