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Calcium - not just for growing bodies

Jul 30, 2019

Many believe that calcium is only important for growing teeth and bones, however that is not so.  

Throughout your life, calcium plays an important role in maintaining healthy function of muscles, blood and nerves. 


Did you know?

Those aged over 70 years need the same amount of calcium as adolescents? 1 


Why calcium is important

  • Build strong teeth and bones
  • Maintain healthy muscle and nerve function
  • Used as a building block for normal blood clotting
  • Assist with food digestion

Calcium is found in a variety of foods

  • Milk and milk products – such as yoghurt and cheese 
  • Leafy green vegetables – such as silverbeet – however, some green leafy vegetables (such as spinach) contain oxalates which impairs the absorption of calcium from these sources
  • Soy products and tofu – look for those with added calcium
  • Fish - sardines and salmon (with bones)
  • Nuts and seeds – brazil nuts, almonds and sesame seed paste (tahini)
  • Calcium-fortified foods – including breakfast cereals, fruit juices and bread 


Did you know?

Each serve of SUSTAGEN® Hospital Formula Active contains 50% of your daily calcium requirement (400mg calcium) and 36% of your daily vitamin D requirements.


Without vitamin D, only 10-15% of the calcium we eat can be used 3.



1. The NH&MRC has set the RDI for calcium for adolescents (12-18 year olds) and those over 70 years at 1300mg / day

2. Accessed on 16.7.2019

3. Holick, M.F (2007) The New England Journal of Medicine; 377: 266-81

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