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A Few More Healthy Habits for Good Health

Apr 30, 2020
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Eating a well-balanced diet consisting of key nutrients may help support a healthy immune system. Arming yourself with knowledge and staying proactive about your own health is important to help keep your immune system in tip-top shape.

That is why we have developed evidence-based articles for you, which are all available on the SUSTAGEN website.

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As well as eating well, there are a few more health-promoting lifestyle habits that may benefit your overall health and immune system:

Get enough restful sleep and try to be consistent with the time you go to bed, to help renew and restore your body’s vital functions and ability to fight off illness1.

Stay hydrated! Nearly every system in your body depends on water to work correctly. Drinking enough fluid helps your body get rid of toxins naturally. Water, milk, herbal teas and fruit juices can all contribute to your daily fluid intake.

Take time to relax and destress. Take time to speak with family and friends. This is key for mental wellbeing and so your body can focus on keeping you healthy. Visit our “Social Connections” article for some tips on how to create and maintain your circle of friends and combat loneliness while staying at home.

Make sure to exercise as this may also support your immune system2, strengthen your body and reduce stress. Exercise can also help improve mental wellbeing3, so try to include some moderate exercise at home.

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