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Support Your Immune Health: 10 key nutrients from Vitamin A to Zinc

Support Your Immune Health: 10 key nutrients from Vitamin A to Zinc

Consuming a nutritious diet is fundamental to supporting a healthy immune system. Topping up your diet with one extra nutrient alone is not enough to protect you from becoming unwell, but rather including the following top 10 nutrients has been linked to help support and maintain your immune health.

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This article will go through each of these key nutrients and describe why they are important for your immunity.

Vitamin A – helps maintain healthy immune function before and during illness, helping you to bounce back after feeling unwell more quickly 1.

Vitamin B6 – important to help support healthy immune function and helps reduce feelings of fatigue which can be common when feeling under the weather2.

Vitamin B12 – supports formation of blood cells, immune system function and helps you feel more energised.

Vitamin C - one of the most well-known immune boosting vitamins. Vitamin C is also necessary for collagen formation and provides protection for our skin which is our body’s first line of defence from an infection.

Vitamin D – is naturally present in only a few foods. Our main source of this vitamin D is through sun exposure on our skin, stimulating our body to produce its own vitamin D. Those who tend to stay inside or cover up are more likely to be vitamin D deficient and therefore more susceptible to illness. Taking a supplement form of this immune boosting supplement can help avoid a deficiency.

Copper – supports your immune system and reduces the damage an infection can cause to your body.

Folate – necessary for the body to make new amino acids. Antibodies are made up of chains of amino acids, which are responsible in mounting an immune response to the invading bacteria or virus.

Iron – required for the production of blood cells and transporting oxygen throughout the body. If you do not include sufficient iron in your diet you can become iron deficient, which leaves you feeling tired and breathless. TOP TIP: be sure to include vitamin C with your meals to help your body absorb more of this key nutrient!

Selenium –necessary for normal immune system function, with studies suggesting that selenium may be particularly important to support optimal immune health in older adults4.

Zinc – our last but by no means least important key nutrient. Zinc not only helps your immune system fight off invading bacteria and viruses, but also contributes to normal wound healing.


SUSTAGEN Hospital Formula contains all 10 key immune nutrients in addition to high quality protein, a further 17 vitamins and minerals and is available in a range of flavours. Learn more about SUSTAGEN Hospital Formula here.



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