Vitamin D plays an important role in bone health and immunity.

However, with the main source coming from the sun, what can we do in the winter months to boost our intake of vitamin D?

Vitamin D - the sunshine vitamin

The sun activates our body helping our body make it’s own vitamin D stores. 

During the winter months it is important to look at how to increase our vitamin D intake through diet and supplements to make up for the loss of sunshine.


Did you know?

Approximately 50% of Australians are vitamin D deficient during the winter months 1.

Sustagen boosts your vitamin d
vitamin D rich food

Why is vitamin D important?


  • Boosts immunity
  • Helps absorption of calcium for strong teeth and bones
  • Maintains healthy muscle function

How can I increase my vitamin D intake?


Try adding these vitamin D containing foods to your diet:

  • beef
  • liver
  • eggs
  • oily fish


With only limited dietary sources of vitamin D available, meeting vitamin D through food alone is extremely difficult 1.


Help meet your vitamin D and calcium requirements by topping up with a serving of SUSTAGEN® Hospital Formula Active.


One serve of SUSTAGEN® Hospital Formula Active contains 36% of your daily vitamin D requirements.

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  1. The Victorian Health Monitor Report, 2012